April 5th, 2011

the walking dead || every bit as good

2.19 Cherry Red (screencaps)

I capped these for gorengal and decided to share with the rest of your Criminal Intent lovers. So please do enjoy. Comment if taking. No credit necessary. Just happy to be sharing the goodies. I do love comments though. So many cute moments in this episode. It makes me excited to have watched it again. After telling her I'd cap it, I realized I didn't even have the video file myself. So I had to download it, but thank goodness it caps in real time so it only took the amount of time for the video to play to cap. There was over a 1000 caps, but I narrowed it down to 771 (after taking out unneeded caps and ones that were of nothing)

608px by 432px
771 images

the walking dead || every bit as good


01-20 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (big20in20)
21-40 Goren & Eames (shipper20in20)
41-60 Det. Alex Eames (crimintent20n20)
61-80 Det. Alex Eames (hbic20in20)


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