A flower? (untapdtreasure) wrote in untapdsart_loci,
A flower?

drabble: holidays with the eames clan

Title: Holidays With the Eames Clan
Author: untapdtreasure
Flavor: Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Pairing: Goren/Eames
Words: 117
A/N: written for the 'holiday holiday' prompt at lawandorder100. I went over the word amount by 17 words, but I figure that's okay seeing as I'm not around much lately. Right?

Alex glanced around her father's crowded apartment. Christmas dinner was the one time a year the Eames clan all got together, or they'd never hear the end of it from their crotchety old man.

All ages and sizes were milling about talking and laughing. The youngest of the clan was belting out a cry that carried across the room.

Her quick glance didn't find the object of her desire. Suddenly, there was a cup of Eggnog in her hand and a whisper in her ear, "You looked like you could use a drink."

She turned, eyes lighting up as Bobby's eyes locked on hers. "Thanks." His free hand had slipped easily into hers, giving it a squeeze.
Tags: .drabble, :goren & eames:
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