A flower? (untapdtreasure) wrote in untapdsart_loci,
A flower?

drabble: it takes time

Title: It Takes Time
Author: untapdtreasure
Spoilers: Blindspot
Word Count: 68
Pairing: Goren & Eames (established relationship)
Summary: Alex's nightmares of her kidnapping plague her even when she's awake.
A/N: written for the awake prompt at lawandorder100

Bobby felt the bed shift as she got up. She'd been laying away for hours, trying not to wake him. "Alex..." he spoke softly.

She sighed. "I didn't mean to wake you."

He sat up, swinging his feet to the floor. "C'mere."

She obediently moved to him, sitting on his knee. "Will it ever stop?"

He rubbed her back, kissing her temple. "Yes, sweetheart. It just takes time..."
Tags: .drabble, :goren & eames:
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