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Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Goren & Eames

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (untapdtreasure's)
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All graphics found here are made by untapdtreasure

fanfiction, graphics, music videos, fanmixes, etc... 

You will find all of my (untapdtreasure) Law & Order: Criminal Intent related fan stuff (fanfiction, graphics, music videos, fanmixes, etc...) here at untapdsart_loci. I take requests (HERE). If you want to see my non-Law & Order: Criminal Intent graphics, go (HERE).

ships: Goren & Eames (main squeeze), Eames & Barek (i like to flirt), Logan & Barek (good for one another), and Logan & Eames (the smut be hottt!)

rules for snagging graphics:
01. please credit untapdtreasure
02. textless icons are not bases
03. all graphics found here are snaggable
04. please comment
05. do not redistribute or claim as your own


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